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Une information citoyenne au service d'une identité européenne

Who are we?

pdf mise en ligne :05 01 2006 ( NEA say… n° 01 )

Eulogos Athena

EU-Logos Athéna was created by citizens who have their sights firmly set on Europe and who also have a long-standing professional interest in the progress of European construction.

Our aim is to participate, through our professional activities and as active citizens, in the emergence of a European public area, in step with progress in European construction and in the spirit of the constitutional treaty, in particular its preamble, its values and objectives, for example participative democracy, fundamental rights and helping to create a European identity.

EU-Logos Athéna has been designed to act as a communication medium, both a professional tool and an arena for expressing and exchanging information and opinions. We are reaching out to European citizens, to NGOs that share our objectives, as well as to all those who are striving to achieve these goals within national and European institutions.
We have pinpointed three fields that are essential for the creation of a European public area:
- the constitutional evolution of the European Union (future prospects)
- the creation of an area of freedom, security and justice with respect for fundamental rights
- Europe in the world and, more particularly, the construction, together with our neighbours, of an area of solidarity, stability and development.  
An information tool
Our aim is to promote exchanges of information, documents and ideas at both a national and a European level, to improve our understanding of European issues and allow us to adopt a position on the strategies and legislation currently being drawn up and to become active citizens, in particular in the consultations that the European Commission regularly carries out before making its proposals.
EU-LOGOS Athéna processes this information in different ways: a thematic Internet portal, information monitoring, searches, publications, targeted studies and reports, operational support for the design and realisation of projects aimed at making the European public area a reality.  
EU-Logos Athéna places particular emphasis on the future prospects for the European Union and the creation of an area of freedom, security and justice. The scope of these themes can be extended and a general or more in-depth approach adopted according to the centres of interest expressed by the members/adherents and the public.

A forum for expression and exchanges
The Internet allows us to establish contacts, enter into discussions and debates and exchange analyses and comments at a European level.
EU-Logos Athéna intends to use this network to contribute towards the emergence of a European public area. It does so by hosting blogs and discussion forums relating to working topics, in line with the latest developments in the issues at hand and with the centres of interest of the members/adherents. 
For EU-Logos Athéna, the blogs and forums represent an arena for expression, for critical analysis and a means of nurturing the relationships that are essential for promoting active citizenship and its collective dimension.

A meeting place
In view of the fact that remote communication via the Internet is essential but will never replace personal contacts for building lasting relationships and for the emergence of concrete projects at a European level, EU-Logos Athéna plans to organise colloquia, conferences, debates and meetings relating to our working topics and building on or summarising the exchanges in the forums. After all, actions speak louder than words.

      NEA say….
A new newsletter appears in the scene, the first concrete example of the objectives of Eulogos-Athéna.
Every week, NEA say... gathers the latest news from the area of freedom, security and justice. Events will be explained and put into perspective: links with the many existing sources of information will be set up. Work is underway on an observatory to monitor the progress of actions undertaken at a European, national and international level by major international organisations (UNO, Council of Europe, etc.) and by the main non-governmental organisations. Information distributed by the leading media will also be rounded up in NEA say....
An “in brief” section will offer a quick overview of the latest news. Where applicable, a “Headline” news item will draw the reader’s attention to particularly important events.

Plans are already being made for the future, with editorials and opinion columns to be added to NEA say... over time.
Dear readers, help us by sharing with us any comments, suggestions and criticisms you may have!
Thank you very much

Claude BRULANT         Henri-Pierre LEGROS       Anne-Marie QUATREVAUX