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Transparency: cross and delight of the MEP's

pdf mise en ligne :25 11 2008 ( NEA say… n° 57 )

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In the last time this theme is many frequent in the work of European Parliament. And, after the response of Court of Justice on Case Turco, which it decreed the possibilities for Mr Turco to consult and to know the documents of European Institutions, the EP Civil Liberties Committee urges the EU institutions to do more to open up their registers and documents to the public.
This European Parliament's Committee approved unanimously the report of Marco Cappato (FR) (EN)  (Amendements FR EN) (member of ALDE ) on the European Parliament annual report. It discuss of putting into effect of regulation No 1049/2001 on the access to documents. The Green Paper was the starting point for the consultation, which will allow any interested person, individual citizen, non governmental organisation, association, economic operator, public authority or any other organisation to have a say on this issue. 

M. Cappato calls on the institutions to take fresh measures to improve transparency, arguing that this is a condition of their legality, their legitimacy and their accountability. In fact, the committee argued that Parliament must take the lead on transparency and should embark on a special action plan ahead of the 2009 elections, with more information on MEPs' activities, their attendance at parliamentary meetings and on their allowances and expenses, because of publicity and information are fundamental condition of Democracy.

This ruling requires the Council to ensure that all its documents and information are in the public domain, including the identity of members of national delegations and working parties.

Furthermore, an inter-institutional  search engine should be introduced, together with "a single EU register / portal" for information and documents, as so as proposed by ALDE members.

The institutions are urged to improve transparency of the procedures for comitology and for agreements thrashed out at first-reading of the co-decision procedure through "trialogues".

But, the report will be debated and put to the vote by the full Parliament at the Strasbourg plenary in December.

Lucia Sirignano
University of Naples "L'Orientale"


 Link of reference

  • Press release:

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  • Regulation n° 1049/2001:

EN: http://ec.europa.eu/transparency/revision/index_en.htm

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